i did so fucking well on my math midterm holy shit i think im having a heart attack i got a 97% and the average was a 64% holy shit holy shit what the fuck hoooooooly fuck what if it’s like a mistkae oh my goooodfdsjflkasdfj





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stationery set ✿✎✉
Brenda Song


oliver had a bad day at work and all he wants is to go home and cuddle with connor

he doesn’t really want to talk about it

but of course connor wants to talk about it

and connor just pouts mockingly at him from the bed, looking far too sexy with one hand thrown behind his head and the other tracing absentmindedly over his stomach (and there go oliver’s plans to “only cuddle”)

and connor’s pout turns into a smirk “baby… you had a bad day didn’t you”

"shut up, connor."

"we’re boyfriends now we need to talk about these things" connor keeps smirking, his hand suddenly trailing beneath the band of his briefs as oliver huffs and unfastens his tie

"I just wanna go to bed." he sighs.

"but, oliver…" connor whines, smirk growing ever more devious, "ollie, baby– mmph!”

oliver throws a pillow at him.

"don’t call me that," he turns away so connor can’t see him struggling to keep a straight face.

ollie, you love when i call you that”

"I will punch you if you use that nickname again." oliver unbuttons his shirt, face starting to hurt as he tries desperately not to start smiling.

"like, punch me in a kinky way?"

what? what does that even mean?" oliver shrugs his shirt off. "you know what, I changed my mind. i’m getting you that sex addict book."

"come kiss me instead." connor says, and oliver’s eyes widen at the sudden sweetness in his voice. "i can hear your smile in your voice, oliver. turn around."

he turns, allowing the smile he’d been keeping at bay to grow on his face.

"see?" connor grins. "it worked. I cheered you up."

"shut up." oliver walks over to the bed.

"no." connor is still grinning. "i was a good boyfriend. i did boyfriendly duties. i deserve a kiss. or a blowjob."

"hmmm…" oliver straddles connor on the bed, breath huffing out over his boyfriend’s still smirking lips. "absolutely not."

instead of reaching up and grabbing, like oliver thought he’d do, connor whines.

"did you just whine?" oliver pulls back, hands braced on either side of connor’s head.

"please kiss me."

"is it my ‘boyfriendly duty?’"


"fine." oliver leans down and presses his lips to connor’s.

his lips are soft and connor sighs happily into his mouth as he brings his hands up to tangle in oliver’s hair.

oliver feels like he might be a little bit in love.

So in 1x04 I notice connor on his phone a lot when they were all walking to the clients office, and my headcanon is basically of connor texting oliver like all the time, texts ranging from cute 'just checking how your day is' to 'cannot wait to ride your dick tonight' and oliver sounding like he's merely tolerating his text messages when really he loves the attention from connor. I was hoping maybe you could write something from that?


[Connor] you know what would be better than sitting through this boring case?
[Oliver] Something tells me you’re going to elaborate regardless of whether I want you to or not.

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